Client rewards program

   Client rewards program

Start getting paid for sharing your electricity savings story.

It’s simple. You’ve already got this covered. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply talk about how much money you just saved on your electric bill.
  • Gather the name, telephone number or email address of the friend that is interested in saving money on their electricity bill too.
  • Share that information with your mentor (usually this is your Personal Energy Consultant).
  • About 30 days later you get a check! Yep! It’s that simple…
    • Residential – upfront bonus + a monthly percentage of their electric bill
    • Commercial – a monthly percentage of their electric bill
As long as they keep flipping the switch, you get paid. Now wasn’t that easy!

To qualify for this program you must be a current PowerMax Energy client.

To be a qualified referral, your friend or family member cannot already be a current or pending PowerMax Energy client or have been a PowerMax Energy client within 90 days preceding the date of your referral.


us and be a part of the PowerMax family.